12 Jan

True Master Sword – Part 1

It has been a while since I’ve posted any updates, but things are being created. Time to get everything caught up here.

One evening in December when I was planning more 3D prints, I was thinking about future builds, such as trying to make a Master Sword that was close to one of the game versions. The one I already made is a bit of a mash-up. Because I was in the mood, I decided to try making my own 3D model of the True Master Sword from Skyward Sword, as seen in this drawing that I found on Zeldapedia:

master sword art

I made swift progress, and after a single evening I had most of my 3D model ready. This made me decide that I’d prefer using this sword for my costume instead of my previous one. I decided to put the scabbard on hold (or most likely cancellation) because this sword is going to have a different scabbard.

After a few iterations on details, I ended up with this:

Master Sword 3D model

The lines on the blade are where it is cut into sections for 3D printing. Previously, I had been using Netfabb to cut my STLs for printing, but it is much easier to cut them in 123D Design while the model is still whole. This also allowed me to insert pegs for alignment and strength at the joints, as seen here with a few blade sections hidden.


I decided to make the blade 0.3″ thick since swords do tend to have thin blades. Note that the flat section at the hilt end does insert into the hilt. The whole thing slides into place. This should make painting and assembling much easier. Not to mention fixing something on the blade if I don’t like part of it.

The hilt in the first version of the sword was huge and much too large to print in one piece. I had a big advantage here of getting to keep the hilt in several pieces. This exploded 3D model shows how the hilt pieces are printed and assembled.



This is where I started to do a poor job of photographing my progress, but who wants to see raw 3D printed pieces anyway? Time warp to painting being almost completed on the hilt!

printed hilt 1

There are some drips and chips that I’ll be fixing over the next couple of days, but otherwise this is looking pretty good.

Some notes about assembly of the hilt:

  • I usually try to give clearance with pieces that need to slot together, but the two wing pieces of the hilt didn’t lend themselves to that practice. I ended up using Gorilla Glue to put these together as it expands to fill gaps. I cut the excess off and sanded to get it looking as good as possible. Everything else is connected using Plastruct Plastic Weld.
  • To smooth everything out, I used Smooth-On XTC-3D coating. I didn’t get it perfect, but I’m getting better at using the stuff. There will be more about it in my next post about Zelda’s crown.
  • I sanded. A lot. I still didn’t get everything perfectly smooth, but 3D print lines are mostly gone.

This was painted using Liquitex spray paint in Dioxazine Purple 5, because the True Master Sword is purple. Hyrule Warriors showed this well, and it looks awesome.

Here is the hilt next to the other Master Sword:

Master Swords 1

Even though the hilts are about the same size, the blade for the True Master Sword is going to be much larger. One user on reddit commented on the first sword to say that the blade wasn’t long enough compared to the hilt, so I fixed that. This thing is going to be huge, over 4 feet long. I came up with that size after looking at Skyward Sword screenshots and determining how big the sword would be proportionally for me. This will make getting it in and out of the scabbard a challenge, but I have a potential solution for that when we get there.

I ordered some green leather lace for the handle from a shop on Etsy. That should be arriving this week.

On the next part, I will 3D print the blade and continue working on finishing the paint and details on the hilt. Stay tuned later in the week to see a post about Zelda’s crown from start to finish.


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