01 Jun

Zelda’s Bow

It has been a long time since I have posted anything, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working on things. I have finished the True Master Sword, have the Hylian Shield about 75% printed, a large Majora’s Mask is ready for painting, and I have most of the design finished for the new scabbard. Unfortunately the thermistor on my printer burned out yesterday, so I am stuck waiting for parts from the UK. In the mean time, let’s work towards getting caught up with a big post about Zelda’s Bow.

Zelda's Bow yellow

Before I get into the post, I wanted to point you to my Instructable for this build. It was featured on Instructables and is currently entered in a contest over there. I’d appreciate your vote!

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12 Jan

True Master Sword – Part 1

It has been a while since I’ve posted any updates, but things are being created. Time to get everything caught up here.

One evening in December when I was planning more 3D prints, I was thinking about future builds, such as trying to make a Master Sword that was close to one of the game versions. The one I already made is a bit of a mash-up. Because I was in the mood, I decided to try making my own 3D model of the True Master Sword from Skyward Sword, as seen in this drawing that I found on Zeldapedia:

master sword art

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09 Dec

Master Sword Scabbard – Part 1

The next step for my Link costume is to make the scabbard to carry the sword around in. Unfortunately, while I had several Master Swords to start with from Thingiverse, a 3D model of the scabbard does not exist as far as I’ve found.

My 3D modeling skills are still very lacking, but without any other options, I have to give it a try. This is probably for the best as I’ll be able to make a scabbard that fits my sword perfectly.

This amazing Master Sword and scabbard from Fiberglass Blades served as my inspiration:


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22 Nov

Link’s Master Sword – Part 2

When we left off on our Master Sword build, we had just started printing the handle. Time to make some serious progress.

Link’s Master Sword – Part 1

Before we start today’s post, let me just say that there was actually many days between the progress that you saw in the first post. I also had filament issues when switching to a new roll of gray. I am currently buying cheap filament from eBay, but only some rolls print perfectly. I will likely be switching to more expensive, but much higher quality, filament in the near future.

To continue the build, I next printed the other 2 pieces of the hilt and glued them together. Here you can see that I have switched to this crappy gray filament. At this point, I’ve also sanded most of the joints to make it fairly smooth.

Master Sword Hilt

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